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Anonymous asked:

Like really, they know that we want to know the sheriff name and the only assholery that they said that the name of the sheriff was sheriff, it's an exemple how they don't know how to handle fans and that they don't respect us, we don't ask for the secrets of the universe, just a damned name and cutting Stiles/Claudia scene WTF just to make us see the horrible making out of stalia instead, gross.


Oh, dear anon. 

They didn’t just say his name was ‘The Sheriff’. They literally said “It’s not John”. The only reason for saying that is to literally spit in the face of fandom and say “None of your thoughts on this matter. YOU don’t matter.”

And that is not just piss-poor behaviour, it’s also the most fucking disrespectful thing ever.

Please could she be more mary sue, the perfect leader who BTW was running her ass off in the woods as an animal but here she come, perfectly integrate, with perfect make up, hairs, eyesbrows, clothes in high school, Did she upgrades her grades so fast ? Don’t think so. 

Jeff has an hard on for Shelley and Malia and showed her in her throats without spit to make it slick.

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